January 15th at 7:00 PM
12145 W. 107th Ave.

The Walnut Creek Homeowners’ Association Meeting is scheduled to meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, except for July and December when there will not be a meeting.



I’m speaking from the heart when I say the Core Group of your HOA is facing a dilemma. For the most part, all of your Officers have been in position for 10 years and in most cases a lot longer.

We are not getting any younger, but Walnut Creek is! Fortunately, we have a much younger demographic than we had just 5 years ago. There are many more children and young couples moving in, and for that we are very grateful.

Some of your board members are in our 70s and 80s. A couple are a few years younger and therein lies the problem. We recently sent a Covenant Violation letter to a resident and the comment we received back was that we are picking on the younger people (I’m paraphrasing). But the truth of the matter is, when everyone is younger than we are, then indeed that statement can be perceived as true.

While we appreciate someone saying “You’re doing a great job, keep up the good work”, that isn’t much help. We honestly feel that we have indeed done a great job keeping the HOA a viable entity, which helps to keep your property values up. If you look at Countryside, they dissolved their HOA and look at what has happened to their community. Houses and yards are in disarray, there are campers, boats, trailers and unlicensed vehicles parked all over the place.

We have done, and are doing our best, to keep this from happening to Walnut Creek. But, WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are asking for residents that love and care about Walnut Creek, and our awesome community, to step up and do your part to help keep what you have.

All of the positions are non-paying and most only require 2 or 3 hours per month.

Our Secretary, Sunni Marsden, was transferred out of state for her job and had to vacate her position. So, we absolutely need someone willing to step up offer to take her vacant Secretarial position and take notes at our monthly meetings. Maybe 2 hours a month is all that is required.

Our Treasurer, Don Dutcher, has been trying to resign his position for several years, but we’ve had no one to take over. If you have some accounting experience and are willing to sit down with Don for a few hours to learn what in included in his position, WE NEEED YOU! Since the Treasurer’s position involves all things financial for the HOA, it is more involved and detailed. Are YOU the person we need?

The other officer positions are President and Vice-President. We too have been on the HOA board for too many years to count.

Please take a few moments to read the Bylaws (In your directory or on the website), Articles 4 & 5 to see all the positions that are available. As you will see, there are several committees and other positions with which we need your help.

Please, take the time to consider which position you feel you are best qualified to help us with, then plan on attending the meeting on the 15th of this month and “throw your hat into the ring”!

Help us Keep the Value of Walnut Creek AND Your HOA Alive! Get Involved!

John Boyd (President)


This photo gives you a better idea of the proposed development at the entrance to Walnut Creek. This property does border several residences within Walnut Creek, and as such we want to make sure the developers are aware of any concerns we may have.

A meeting was held with the Broomfield City Council, the developers and concerned residents in December. I was told that nothing was actually determined since this was merely a time for the developer to reveal their plans to the City Council, followed by a time for local residents and others to state their concerns, both pro and con.

As mentioned in the Rambler, here are the links for you to learn when any other meetings are scheduled so you can add them to your calendar. Just click on the link and you will re-directed.

Broomfield: https://www.broomfield.org/128/City-Council-Agendas

Westminster: https://www.cityofwestminster.us/Government/CityCouncil


There is a scheduled meeting regarding the Rezoning at the Rocky Mountain Airport. The meeting is scheduled for November 26th at the airport. Click here to a link for more details if you are interested in attending.

From what I can interpret from the documents, it appears that this will include the property coming down the hill from CO 128 and Simms near the FedEx building. Keep in mind, I am by no means a professional.

As of January 4, 2019, there is no other information available to me that I can share.


As a Colorado Resident, you are eligible to receive a FREE Radon Test kit for your Home. I don’t see an ending date for this offer, but as your neighbor, I’d encourage you to send for your FREE kit sooner, rather than later. I had to have my home mitigated just last year due to excessive Radon in my home.

You can request your FREE kit by clicking here.


9, 11, 17, 20? And what will it take to make you do something about it?

You know how these neighborhood things start.

One neighbor leans over the backyard fence and says “Hey, did you test your basement for radon yet?” 

You: “Oh yeah. I meant to get around to doing that. “ 

Neighbor: “ Well, you should probably do it. I tested mine and got a 9.“ 

You: “What’s that mean?” 

Neighbor: “Levels above 4 are bad. Means you need to do something to get it lower. Plus, I heard that a couple of our neighbors have had levels like 17 or 20.” 

You: Yikes. Ok. I’ll test it.

There are a few things that are so important that you believe you need to make friends and neighbors more AWARE. Radon is one of those things. A few months ago, John Boyd put out information about radon, where to get the test kits, etc. I bet that not many neighbors acted on that info. After all, there are so many other things competing for our attention, why look for trouble that you can’t see, smell or taste? And then you get data that is YOUR neighborhood’s numbers. And it doesn’t look good. If we were a glow chart, we’d be glowing red. Actionable levels, neighbors, actionable levels. 

The EPA’s Citizen’s Guide to Radon says: Radon is a radioactive gas. It comes from the natural decay of uranium that is found in nearly all soils. It typically moves up through the ground to the air above and into your home through cracks and other holes in the foundation. Your home traps radon inside, where it can build up. Any home may have a radon problem. This means new and old homes, well sealed and drafty homes, and homes with or without basements. Radon from soil gas is the main cause of radon problems. 

From the EPA Consumer’s Guide to Radon Reduction: 

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers and the second leading cause of lung cancer for the general population. The Surgeon General and EPA recommend testing for radon and reducing radon in homes that have high levels. Fix your home if your radon level is confirmed to be 4 picocuries per liter, pCi/L, or higher. Radon levels less than 4 pCi/L still pose a risk, and in many cases may be reduced. If you smoke and your home has high radon levels, your risk of lung cancer is especially high. 

Chances are very good in this neighborhood that your radon level is greater than 4 pCi/L unless you have already taken steps to reduce it.


Chris Belk lives right here in Walnut Creek. He is the owner of Boulder Radon and has offered all Residents of Walnut Creek a $50 DISCOUNT from his regular Radon Mitigation Fees. Check out his website and give him a call today. Support a good neighbor!
Boulder Radon Website

A Citizen’s Guide to Radon

Consumer’s Guide to Radon Reduction

Time passes. You’ve not felt a big push to go get a test kit…even though they only cost $14 at Lowe’s. Then you see the vent system going in next door. You talk with Chris Belk of Boulder Radon (See Chris’ Information in the link below) as he’s inspecting the installation at your neighbor’s house. He gives you a test kit, and tells you how to use it. You run the test, which is just a matter of taking the test kit out of its envelope and setting it on a flat surface in the test area for at least 48 hours but not more than 5 days. You mail it off, and you get your results emailed back to you. Yikes. The number is 11. Now that you know it’s high, you know you have to do something.Exposure to excessive radon levels is particularly bad for young children, and those who might use their basements for cardio activities. Find out what your number is, and if it’s greater than 4 pCi/L, do something about it…especially if you have young kids. For others, know that you’ll very likely have to do the mitigation to sell your home. It’s not an expensive fix to do, and Boulder Radon is taking $50 off the cost for this neighborhood’s residents. Think about at least testing your indoor air. You can decide what to do a lot easier with real numbers. Your numbers!

Submitted by: Jan Stevenson


Due to the recent hail storm, you may be needing to replace your roof

Then you may need to know that your HOA has certain requirements in place. Each roof must have HOA Architectural Committee Approval BEFORE the work on your replacement begins. Below is the exact wording of the HOA Covenant #1.

The Committee will approve fiberglass asphalt shingles meeting the following specifications:

Weight: Minimum 355 lbs./square
 Minimum 0.25 inches, 3 dimensional
Pattern: Random
Fire Rating: U.L. Class A
Warranty: 40 Years labor and materials
Wind Rating: Warranted to 90 MPH for 10 years
U.L. certified to meet ASTM D3462. All documents received by the Committee with respect to any proposed construction project will remain the property of the Committee.
Weight: Minimum 355 lbs./square
Thickness: Minimum 0.25 inches, 3 dimensional
Pattern: Random
Fire Rating: U.L. Class A
Warranty: 40 Years labor and materials
Wind Rating: Warranted to 90 MPH for 10 years
U.L. certified to meet ASTM D3462. All documents received by the Committee with respect to any proposed construction project will remain the property of the Committee.

So BEFORE you begin the replacement, you should complete the Architectural Request Form on this website by clicking here.

PS If you have recently gone through the approval process for a roof, and that roof has to be replaced WITH THE SAME MATERIALS, it should be sufficient to send a note to the Architectural Committee saying that you’re replacing roof with materials already approved once.


Be Aware of Our Rules

Recently there have been reports of vehicles, and parts thereof,  in places not permitted by the Covenants & Bylaws of Walnut Creek as well as the Zoning Department of Jefferson County.

We have camper tops trying to be hidden under trees in front yards and RVs being parked in front yards.

These violations are being addressed by the HOA. Please do your part to obey the rules already in place and more importantly, be respectful of your neighbors that have to look at this. No one is being singled out, but those in violation will be notified. If these violations continue, the HOA will be forced to take legal action and you should be aware that you will be responsible for all legal fees.

Do your part, Be a Good Neighbor!

Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full

As the number of us who regularly walk our dogs increases in the neighborhood (and this is a good thing), one of the not so good things is that some people either don’t notice that their pooch is leaving a trail of bonbons, or they don’t have a cleanup bag…or they have their hands full with other aspects of life and hey, the dog was off the walking path!  Ok then.  It won’t help a lot to virtually say “you MUST cleanup”, because it isn’t going to happen.  It’s pretty irritating to come out into your own front yard, especially if you don’t have a dog, and have to do the cleanup.

Yep, even though you may have a smaller dog, where they go attracts other dogs to go.  One thing leads to another, and soon we have Poop Alley.  Poop Alley = That’s the common trail at the end of 107th Avenue that leads over to Skyestone Parkway.  Maybe the philosophy is that no one can see me and my dog, or no one really owns this property so it’s okay for me not to clean up.  Two piles become four or five in a day.

So take a minute to do a community service.  Take an extra bag or two with you once in a while, and cleanup the mess that your dog didn’t make.

Written by Jan Stevenson

Red Light at 108th & Simms

Should be Turning Colors Soon!!!

The poles and the lights have been hung at the intersection with care. In the hopes that we’ll be able to enter and exit Walnut Creek once again.

Alright, I won’t push that issue any more. All I’ll say is that I for one am happy to see the lights nearing completion. My hopes are high that it will, indeed, make a few breaks in traffic during the rush hours and make things safer for our residents. Time will tell.

Code Red Mobile Alert

CODE RED MOBILE ALERT allows you to stay informed and aware, no matter where you are! Receive notifications that affect you – directly on your home or mobile device. You can register your phone/phones by clicking the button below. A vital service that everyone should use.

Smart 911

Smart911 is a free national service provided to you by your local 9-1-1 agency. Create a Safety Profile for your household that includes the vital personal and medical information you would want response teams to have in the event of an emergency. Then if you dial 9-1-1, your profile is immediately available allowing call takers and first responders to assist you faster and more effectively.”

The Preferred Trash Company for Walnut Creek

Tired of trash company rate hikes? Is your initial contract period over with your current provider? If you haven’t already, it’s never too late to sign-up with Waste Connections. The more residents that sign-up, the lower the fees for everyone, PLUS there will be fewer trash trucks on our streets, which cut down on the noise and air pollution and the wear and tear on our streets. The normal pick-up day is Thursday with the FREE recycling every other Thursday.

These are the benefits you will enjoy by signing-up with Waste Connections:

  1. (2) 96-Gallon bins that will be delivered to new customers: 1 for trash and 1 for recycling.
  2. Trash service is every week; Recycling is every-other-week.
  3. Tiered Pricing: The more residents who sign-up, the more we all save!
  • If 16-50 homes sign-up…$16/home per month (Last Report…We have 31 residents signed-up)
  • If 51-75 homes sign-up…$15/home per month
  • If 76-98 homes sign-up…$13/home per month

Sign up for RecycleBank and earn points for your recycling efforts. The more you recycle, the more points you earn. These points can be exchanged for vouchers to a variety of businesses. Learn more at www.wcdenver.com

To set-up new service OR to update pricing for current customers please contact:


Sign-Up for Electronic Notications

You may have noticed YOUR brand new Walnut Creek HOA website. I sure hope you like and utilize it so you know what is happening in Walnut Creek.

Occasionally, the HOA may have an urgent reason to contact you that is much faster than printing a Rambler and having it distributed to your door. The Electronic Notification method is much faster than calling every home. Unfortunately, even though you had registered for the old website, you will have to re-register again. This is for better website security and to register to be notified for our Electronic Notifications. We promise we won’t spam nor release your information to anyone. Please take a moment, click on the button and provide the necessary information. Thank You!


Secure Website

You may notice a little padlock in the URL line of our website that wasn’t there before. An SSL Certificate has now been added to WalnutCreekHOA.com website and that means that our site is much more secure for our residents. Please take a moment to Bookmark the site for easier access in the future. In the event that you were to enter any personal information somewhere on the website, you may be asked to trust the certificate before proceeding. This is normal for any secure website, so don’t be alarmed. I’m just looking out for our community.

Website Comments or Questions

I have been doing my best to create a website to best serve the Residents of Walnut Creek. It is a never-ending learning process, but I really enjoy doing it. I’m sure there are things I have over-looked or neglected to include. That being said, if you have any questions or comments about our website, please send me a message by clicking this button, completing the form, and I will do my best to get the concern corrected.

John Boyd