September 19th at 7:00 PM
The Dutcher Residence
10689 Union Way

The Walnut Creek Homeowners' Association Monthly Meeting is on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.


We had a very good discussion at out August HOA meeting mostly because we had a great turnout. So, Thanks everyone for attending! We discussed the issues below and explained why we felt it necessary to pursue them. In a nutshell, there has been a lot of finger-pointing with residents that have received warning letters from the HOA feeling as though they are being singled out. That is NOT the case at all! So we have slowly, but surely, been tackling the issues one at a time. In order to end the finger-pointing, we are asking everyone to do their part so someone is not pointing fingers at them.

  • RVs and Boats are not being properly stored on your property. (See Covenant #5)
  • Reports of people actually living in the RV parked on their property. (A JEFFCO zoning violation)
  • Weeds are not being mowed, yards are not being properly watered and maintained & too much debris on the property. (A JEFFCO zoning violation)
  • We have received many, many complaints about all the large vehicles parked in driveways and the street. (This will be one of the issues discussed at the August 15th meeting and shortly afterward become a violation of the "Rules & Regulations" that will be added to our Bylaws)

We decided, at the meeting, to have residents write-up a short outline of the issues as you see them and how best the HOA should act to resolve said issues. We will be discussing these suggestions at the September meeting and determine our plan of attack at that point. 

Thank You! If you have any suggestions, questions or comments, please let me know. John.


There have been several reports of skunks, raccoons, and coyotes reported in Walnut Creek. So, please be aware of this when letting your pets and children outside. Seeing all the reports that have been on the website, there have been multiple incidents that people are missing their small dogs and cats after letting them outside, even for a few minutes. Plus, I just saw a report that Badgers are also in the area. To be honest, I didn't know there were badgers in Colorado, but then again, I'm not much of an outdoorsman. Just be aware!


Deputy Herman had a very informative presentation at our March HOA meeting. It was a packed house, literally, and I know everyone in attendance really appreciated the information he provided. Deputy Herman talked about some issues right here in Walnut Creek such as speeding on 107th Ave. He is also working with the Road & Bridge Department to have speed limit signs (on 107th Ave) as well as stop signs installed on all streets as they enter 107th. There have been many "near accidents" by people not looking as they enter 107th and nearly getting broad-sided.

Deputy Herman also provided hand-outs to those in attendance about 2 programs offered by the Sheriff's Department. The HOA recommends that you sign-up for both programs.

"Smart911 is a free national service provided to you by your local 9-1-1 agency. Create a Safety Profile for your household that includes the vital personal and medical information you would want response teams to have in the event of an emergency. Then if you dial 9-1-1, your profile is immediately available allowing call takers and first responders to assist you faster and more effectively."


The other service is CODE RED MOBILE ALERT.


CODE RED MOBILE ALERT allows you to stay informed and aware, no matter where you are! Receive notifications that affect you - directly on your home or mobile device. You can register your phone/phones by clicking the button below. A vital service that everyone should use.


I have arranged for Residents of Walnut Creek, as well as your Friends & Family, to save $25.00 when you purchase a Ring Video Doorbell. Click the Button below to view the details and see what a Ring Video Doorbell can do to help protect your home and make Walnut Creek an even safer community.

Feel free to share the link with your Neighbors, Friends, and Family.


You may notice a little padlock in the URL line of our website that wasn't there before. An SSL Certificate has now been added to and that means that our site is much more secure for our residents. The technical URL for our website is but you really only need to type the usual to reach the site. Please take a moment to Bookmark the site for easier access in the future.
Beginning right after the start of 2017, Google announced that they were placing a higher ranking on sites with the SSL Certificate than those without. So, I have arranged for that to happen for our website. In the event that you were to enter any personal information somewhere on the website, you may be asked to trust the certificate before proceeding. This is normal for any secure website, so don't be alarmed. I'm just looking out for our community.


The HOA continues to receive complaints from residents within Walnut Creek about a few issues. While we do our best to enforce what we can, it's up to each individual homeowner to take responsibility for adhering to the COVENANTS that follow their land. Doing so helps all of our home values to remain strong and our neighborhood looking clean and valued by it's residents.

Our biggest offenders are:

  1. Trash Cans and Debris. Trash cans must be hidden from view at all times other than when they are out for collection. In addition, Yard Debris, Furniture and other items considered "trash" must be hidden from view at all times. This is a violation of Covenant #7
  2. Vehicle Parking. Vehicles that are parked on the streets must be moved after 7 days. If your vehicle is not properly licensed, it must be in your garage. This is a violation of Covenant #5.
  3. Snow Removal. Please remove the snow from your sidewalk within 24 hours of the end of a storm. We have many residents that walk through the neighborhood and you don't want them getting injured on your property! There are people that will help you shovel your walk if you are unable. Send a message to John Boyd and he will put you in touch with those willing to help.

The HOA does not enjoy sending letters to those in violation, but our job is to enforce ALL COVENANTS of Walnut Creek. If these issues are not resolved within a reasonable amount of time, Citations will be issued.


You may have noticed that there is a brand new Walnut Creek HOA website. I sure hope you like and utilize it so you know what is happening within Walnut Creek.

Occasionally, the HOA may have an urgent reason to contact you that is much faster than printing a Rambler and having it distributed to your door. The Electronic Notification method is much faster than calling every home.

Unfortunately, even though you had registered for the old website, you will have to re-register again. This is for better website security and to register to be notified for our Electronic Notifications. We promise we won't spam nor release your information to anyone.

Please take a moment, click on the button and provide the necessary information. Thank You!


Tired of trash company rate hikes? Is your initial contract period over with your current provider? If you haven't already, it's never too late to sign-up with Waste Connections. The more residents that sign-up, the lower the fees for everyone, PLUS there will be fewer trash trucks on our streets, which cut down on the noise, air pollution and wear and tear on the streets. The normal pick-up day is Thursday with the recycling every other Thursday.

Here is what they have offered our HOA:

* (2) 96-Gallon bins that will be delivered to new customers: 1 for trash and 1 for recycling.

* Trash service is every week; Recycling is every-other-week.

* Tiered Pricing: The more residents who sign-up, the more we all save!

*** If 16-50 homes sign-up...$16/home per month (Last Report...We have 31 residents signed-up)

*** If 51-75 homes sign-up...$15/home per month

*** If 76-98 homes sign-up...$13/home per month

* Sign up for RecycleBank and earn points for your recycling efforts. The more you recycle, the more points you earn. These points can be exchanged for vouchers to a variety of businesses

* Learn more at

To set-up new service OR to update pricing for current customers,

contact or 720-382-7882

In the event that Nadine is not available, please ask for Scott in Customer Service at 303-288-2100 ext. 57847
He has the necessary information to make sure you are registered with Walnut Creek HOA.


If you have any questions or comments, please send a message to John Boyd and he will do his best to get you the answer.